Prevention, Intervention & Recovery

How to make the most of the Prevention, Intervention & Recovery Course

The Prevention, Intervention & Recovery Course is divided into 3 sections: Practical Prevention; Intervening Early; and Stepping through Recovery. Many parents may only need the first two sections – others may need it all. Each module provides practical and easy to implement strategies.

Some modules are still in development and will become available soon. Please ensure you have subscribed for Parent Program updates, to be notified of when they are released. Get started now by clicking Enroll in Course below.

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Your Prevention, Intervention & Recovery Course includes

Step-By-Step Strategies

Practically step through prevention of access, intervention, and helping your child recover from pornograpy’s impacts.

Free Downloads

Access our helpful strategies and keep them nearby.

Specialist Videos

Access specialist videos, embedded directly within each lesson for ultimate ease of use.

Links to other content

Be directed to further learning and deepen your knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced course.
Is the Parents Program free?

Yes! The Culture Reframed Parents Program has been made possible by the generous donations from our supporters. We are a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)3 (relevant for donors in the US). Any amount helps! If you would like to donate, please go to our website. Your support will help us to continue to create resources that build resilience and resistance to hypersexualized porn culture.

How long do I have access to the course?
Unlimited!! You can access the course, watch the videos, and revisit content as many times you wish.
Can I have face-to-face interation with a specialist?
No, this is an online self-paced course. However, we do provide suggestions for additional resources and specialist support throughout.
Can I deliver the Culture Reframed Parents Program in my community?
Yes! You can download the PowerPoints and accompanying scripts to deliver this content to parents in your local community. Ask us how!
Why is there no voiceover?

Some people prefer voiceover and some people don’t. We have opted not to include a voiceover so that everyone is able to read through the learning content at their own pace.

Course Curriculum

  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 1: Social Media and Mobile Phone Contract
    40 minutes
  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 2: Tools to prevent access
    0 minutes
  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 3: What are the warning signs?
    0 minutes
  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 4: Responding to your child accessing porn
    10 minutes
  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 5: Developing a strategy
    0 minutes
  • Prevention, Intervention & Recovery – Module 6: Finding a clinician
    0 minutes

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